Team Manual

Nordic Junior Match U20 Akureyri 

28th-29th of August 2010  

Welcome to Akureyri

Ungmennafélag Akureyrar, UFA, and Ungmennasamband Eyjafjarðar, UMSE, the City of Akureyri and The Icelandic Athletic Federation, FRÍ, have the great pleasure to wish the best Nordic U20 Male and Female Athletes and Team Leaders welcome to the traditional Nordic U20 Match & Championships 2010 in Akureyri, Iceland.

The Athletic Stadium, Akureyri


Local Organisation
LOC Director: Haukur F. Valtýsson
Competition Director: Gunnar Sigurðsson
Representative of the Icelandic Federation : Jónas Egilsson
Technical Manager: Guðmundur Geirsson
LOC secretary: Jóhanna Ásmundsdóttir
Ceremonies & Anti Doping: Sonja Sif Jóhannsdóttir
Speaker: Starri Heiðmarsson
Chief Judge: Birgir Guðjónsson
Starter: Davíð Jónsson
Chief Judge Track: Guðfinna Steingrímsdóttir
Referee walking: Race-walking judges are coming from SWE, NOR, FIN and DEN.
Chief Long Jump Judge: Svanhildur Karlsdóttir
Chief Triple Jump Judge: Þuríður Árnadóttir
Chief Pole Vault Judge: Þorgerður Guðmundsdóttir
Chief Shot Put Judge: Una Jónatansdóttir
Chief Javelin Judge: Birgitta Guðjónsdóttir
Chief Discus Judge: Birkir Stefánsson, Birgitta Guðjónsdóttir
Chief Hammer Judge: Birkir Stefánsson
IT Specialist:     Felix Sigurðsson

Bank information: 
Bank 565, hb 14, Nr. 100955; 
IBAN: IS43 0565 14 100955 520692 2589; SWIFT: GLITISRE 
TOTAL COST: Double (and triple) room 330

pr. person; single room 360


PAYMENT CONFIRMATION: Please send payment confirmation to


for eac

Please note the final day for payment is the 26th of August.

Please note the registration form. Final date for registration is the 20th of August.

Competition rules
The Competition follows the Nordic handbook and IAAF's rules.

Lengths of spikes are according to IAAF’s rules max 9 mm except in high jump and javelin where 12 mm are allowed.

Competition dress
The participants should wear the Nations Official Competition dress.

Technical meeting
The technical meeting will take place in the lounge of Hotel Edda, Saturday at 9:00-10:00 am.
The meeting is lead by the Representative of the Icelandic Federation, Jónas Egilsson and the meeting language will be English. Every Nation should have at least two persons attending.  After the technical meeting the hotel lounge will be open until 11:00 am for team meetings for those who want to gather their team together. 
Agenda for the technical meeting will be delivered at beginning of the meeting.

Dinner on Friday evening at Hotel Edda.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.
Breakfast is served between 08:30-10:00
Lunch is served between 11:00-13:30 at the school, Glerárskóli, next to the Stadium.
Dinner on Friday and Saturday at Hotel Edda between 18:00 and 19:30.
On Sunday between 19:00 and 21:30 there will be the Final festival at Glerárskóli

Agenda for the stay in Akureyri

Friday the 27th of August

15:00-16:00 Arrival at Akureyri & Hotel Edda

17:15-19:00 The Stadium is open for light training, no dressing rooms though.

17:30-18:30 Inspection of arena for trainers and team leaders.

18:00-19:30 Dinner

Saturday the 28th  of August

08:30-10:00 Breakfast at Hotel Edda

09:00-10:00 Technical meeting, every nation should have at least two persons attending

11:00-13:30 Lunch at Glerárskóli

13:15 Official opening

13:30-17:00 First competition day

18:00-19:30  Dinner

Sunday the 29th of August

08:30-10:00 Breakfast at Hotel Edda

11:00-13:30 Lunch at Glerárskóli

12:10-16:20 Second Competition day

17:00-18:00 The Great Church Steps Competition

19:00-21:30 Final Festival at Glerárskóli

Monday the 30th of August

04:30-05:30 Breakfast

05:45 Departure for Akureyri Airport

07:00 Departure from Iceland

Transport between the airport and the hotel will be managed by an event bus at arrival and departure. Buses will go between the hotel and the Stadium in the beginning and the end of the competition. You will find closer time schedule at under transports.

Own equipments are allowed after approved weight check. Please note that weight check for all equipment will be given on Saturday before the competition.

Double numbers are given to all participants. All numbers will be handed out to team leaders.

Calling takes place before every event in the north end of the audience building. Calling time is shown on competition time schedule.

Dressing rooms
Dressing rooms and WCs are under the spectators building. Signs with direction will occur.

Medical staff will attend in direct connection to the arena.  Medical test will be performed in the spectators building in a special testing room.


Please contact us at if you have any questions

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