Samherji has been a part of the community in Eyjafjordur for 27 years and been among the largest companies in the area. Assuming it´s responsibility Samherji has always made an effort for the benefit of it´s employees and their families as well as the whole community, in various ways.


Samherji believes that participation in sport is an important and preventive factor in the upbringing of children and youth. Samherji supports and encourages the training and other work of the local sports clubs with the aim that as many children and youth as possible will be able to engage in what ever sport they choose, in spite of the financial situation in their homes. 

Samherji, founded in 1983, is a leading Seafood Company in Iceland.  Operating in a system of resource management where the aim is sustainable fishing, Samherji is a vertically integrated seafood company, controlling a significant volume of fishing quota, operating a powerful fleet of fishing vessels, white fish factories and fish farming.  Samherji also runs extensive sales and marketing operations which are coordinated at the company´s head office.