Nordic U20 Match and Championship 2010 completed!

The team from Finland won both gold and silver in men's pole vault on the second day at NM U 20 2010 Competition. First we had Henri Vayrynen with 4.98 m and Joonas Jokivartio with 4.88 m second. Petter Olsson from Sweden was third with 4.48 m. The Norwegian girl Katarina Mögenburg won the high jump with 1.75 m and second, with the same height, was Linn Gustavsson from Sweden.

Vladimir Vukicevic from Norway won the men‘s 110 m hurdle, with excellent result, 14.05. Though Vladimir Vukicevic is young, he is one of Europian best hurdle runner and has made a great performance on some great tournaments in Europe 

this season


The Norwegian group had the best total score at NM U 20 this year. They got 165 points but the Swedish group had 162 points, only three points ahead. The last two events were 4x400 relays, and only after that it was clear who won this competition. The team from Finland was third, but their girls won their part with 88 points. The Swedish boys won their part so those three biggest Nordic countries took one cup home with them each.

You can look at the total score at :


The pictures shown were taken at the match on Sunday the 29th by Elvar Freyr Pálsson, photographer. We believe t

he Nordic U 20 Match 2010 was a great success and UMSE and UFA are greatful to all the people that made this great event possible in Akureyri.

First Competition day


Then we have finished our first competition day on NM U20 2010 in Akureyri.  The sun was shining today but the Icelandic north wind has been cold for the competitors. 

Sweden and Finland have won 7 gold medals each and Norway and Iceland 3. The competition has been very successful and all timing has been as supposed.

Here you see Marcus Lundquist who won the high jump with 2,05 m.

Here you see the Norwegian boy Ferdinand Kvan Edman leading in the beginning of the 1500m and behind him Thomas Solber Eide who won the 1500m 4:11,61.



On left you see Laetitia Kim Bruun from Denmark in triple jump and on the right, one of the Swedish boy in shot put, but Sweden won both gold and silver medal.

You can se all results from the first Competition day here:

Nordic U20 Match & Championship 2010

We have the great pleasure to wish your best U20 male and female athletes welcome to the traditional Nordic U20 Match & Championship which will be organised on August 28th - 29th, 2010 at the brand new Athletic Stadium in Akureyri, Iceland (see picture on right).

The organiser of this Nordic Event are the local athletic clup UFA and the local athletic organisation UMSE with help from the athletic organisation of Icelan,d FRI.

Akureyri in general
Akureyri is situated in north-east Iceland, in one of the longest fjords in the country and is surrounded by mountains reaching 1000-1500 m. The Arctic Circle in only 60 km north of Akureyri but still the climate is mild, with summer temperatures up to 25°C and winter temperatures in average around 0˚C.

Akureyri is the second largest urban area after the capital area of Reykjavík, with a population of about 17.500. Akureyri is the centre of trade and services in northern Iceland. It is also a town of culture and education, building on a firm foundation.

Akureyri is a popular tourist destination for short or long visits. The town offers a wide range of activities and interesting places e.g. notable museums, the world's most northerly botanic garden, one of Iceland's most popular swimming facilities, 18-hole golf course, the best skiing area in the country, good hiking trails and free city bus. Our guests can choose between varied accommodation and excellent range of restaurants, some of which specialise in local food.

The town is also a good base for many of Iceland's most beautiful natural wonders as waterfalls, volcanic areas and canyons as well as exciting activities as river rafting, hiking, fishing, whale watching and horse riding.


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